Andrew Bateman

- Services -

- Venue Performance -
Andrew Bateman offers live entertainment adapted specifically to the clientele of your business. The ability to gel in both the finest dining venues as well as more casual atmosphere make him the perfect addition to any locale whether black tie or blue collar. An ever-expanding repertoire of classic cover material as well as original compositions ensure that patrons will have a unique listening experience every time. In the dining industry, space is money. As a solo act, Andrew delivers the music of a full band without taking up the real estate and his dynamic style ensureS that clients will never find their conversation overpowered by the music. Compliment your venue with the perfect finishing touch!

- Weddings -
Your cake, your venue, your floral arrangements and your wardrobe are all tailored to taste for you're special day. Why should your music selection be any different? Whether seeking the timeless tradition of classic wedding music or something a bit more progressive, Andrew boasts versatile repertoire specifically designed to compliment your wedding. He has performed numerous weddings over the past decade resulting in substantial experience in making the often cumbersome wedding process flow smoothly. While Canon and the Wedding March remain favorites, Andrew offers the alternative of beautiful original pieces as well as reverent arrangements of your favorite cover songs to compliment your walk down the isle. Not only are his stylings ideal for the ceremony, but are often equally suited to the reception as well!

- DJ Services -

Andrew offers DJ/ MC services alongside his live performances when the extra dynamic is required. This ability is most well suited to the wedding or event desiring both the preliminary upscale touch of a live artist along with the progressive playlist to compliment any theme and keep the dance floor packed!

- Events -
A decade of performing a plethora of private events has instilled in Andrew a focus on personalizing specific functions based on their content and clientele. To approach each event with a “cookie cutter” mentality is to marginalize it’s significance and originality. Therefore Andrew has selected and painstakingly arranged song selections for weddings, galas, holiday events, family functions, ministries, festivals, receptions and more.

- Signature Sound -
The beautiful old world techniques of flamenco guitar blend seamlessly with contemporary rhythms and bass-lines to produce a universal experience that is as at home in the elegant concert hall and the most casual of dining venues alike. A cacophony of meticulously arranged cover songs along with an endless original repertoire ensures that there’s something to suit every client and every event! 

- Poolside Repertoire -
Andrew boasts plenty of tunes to set the perfect mood for your next poolside soirée, luau themed event or cabana concerto. Such a repertoire might consist of reggae, traditional Hawaiian and a number of tropical covers that would gain the approval of Jimmie Buffet himself! 

- Nashville on Nylon -
Think the classical guitar is conducive only to concertos and preludes. Think again! Andrew boasts a repertoire spanning the ages of country music from the classics to modern standards. 

- Holiday Selections -
While best known for his extensive list of Christmas classics ranging from the Fingerstyle ballad, “What Child is” to the trans-Siberian Orchestra inspired, “Carol of the Bells,” Andrew likewise has a substantial repertoire of romantic ballads for Valentine’s Day, Festive cultural classics for Cinco De Mayo, Celtic favorites for Saint Patrick’s Day, and many reverent and patriotic pieces for the Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. 

- Classic Rock on the Classical Guitar -
There is no shortage of instantly recognizable tunes on the list. This endless offering  classic rock hits and ballads is sure to lead your guests and patrons down memory lane with a repertoire that spans these cherished decades in the chronology of music! 

- Smooth Latin -
Soft contemporary grooves gel with bossa nova and other Latin rhythms to produce the perfect backdrop for many events from galas and mixers to weddings and gallery openings. 

- Barcelona Nights -  
This offeringoffering will add just the right amount of zest to you're festive event! The fire of flamenco and optional dance rhythms will keep the audience energized. Such arrangements have been widely used for high fashion events, fine Latin venues and art exhibitions.

- Senior Care Facilities -
Andrew offers a unique performance for senior facility residents. A diverse playlist of oldies, hymns, patriotic and holiday arrangements, and themed sets ensure that repertoire tailored to the specific audience.

- Guitar Instruction -
The vision of the Trinity Guitar Program is to offer music instruction that is comprehensive, character building, and enjoyable. Founder Andrew Bateman's philosophy is that lessons ought to be tailored to the needs and goals of the individual student. Incentives such as recitals, outreach opportunities and complimentary recoding studio time keep students goal oriented and engaged building life skills and work ethic.

- Contractors -
Andrew offers further diversity with an extensive list of stellar artist with which to collaborate. Whether seeking an award winning vocalist for your reception, a flamenco dance troop for your festival, or a myriad of other instrumentalists and performers, Andrews got you covered.
Andrew can often be found accompanied by award winning vocalist Kelly Williams. Voted the bay area's best singer several years running, this charismatic artist knows how to satisfy audiences of all persuasions. Together, Kelly and Andrew boast an impressive and substantial repertoire covering all genres and are uniquely arranged in Andrew's signature style for an experience you won't find anywhere else!
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