Andrew Bateman

- A Brief Biography -
Andrew Bateman has been performing throughout the greater Houston area for over a decade. Extensive experience as a solo artist, studio contractor and instructor all add to Andrews reputation as a well rounded and diverse performer capable of adapting arrangements to suit any venue or event. Whether seeking a headliner for the concert hall or ambient background music suited to the fine dining venue, Andrew has you covered! In addition he is an accomplished composer with countless original pieces as well as a host of uniquely arranged cover tunes under his belt. He has performed with large and small ensembles alike and has been featured several times on Great Day Houston as well as numerous editorials and interviews for the Houston Chronicle, the Scene Magazine, Clear Lake Today and more! 

- Performance Distinctives -
Andrew Bateman spans the boundaries of genre to deliver a performance of unprecedented versatility. His compositions and arrangements are ever-adaptable to the venue at hand. In addition to a traditional solo repertoire Andrew utilizes a performance technique known as looping wherein he takes on the role of each band member. Audiences can expect to hear a different variety of original pieces mixed with an extensive repertoire of classic, cover songs arranged and adapted to the Spanish guitar. Flamenco, folk, contemporary, rock, blues and jazz and more combine to create a style that retains an upscale ambience while inviting patrons to let their hair down and have a good time. It’s upscale, not uptight.

- A One Man Band -
No need to book a several piece ensemble for your next event. Andrew becomes drummer, bassist, rhythm, lead & harmony guitarist as well as auxiliary percussionist through the process of looping. No backing tracks or pre-recorded material here. Each song is built by layering each instrument in real time. This process is a treat for both eyes and ears!

- Repertoire -
Whether seeking a classical or flamenco solo artist for a black tie event, a casual evening of classic cover tunes, a romantic dinner complete with passionate ballads, or  all of the above, Andrew has you covered. A unique ability to tailor tunes to suit any venue or event. In addition to a myriad of original pieces spanning the soft and melodic to the fiery and energetic, Andrew has a substantial selection of cover songs arranged in his unique style.