Andrew Bateman

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Client Testimonials
Rick Shifflet, Kemah, TX
Andrew is one of the great musicians of our time! His music has provided a wonderful background to many a romantic dinner. Enjoying conversation is easy when he plays but eventually you are drawn in by the artistry that compels you to just sit and listen.

Tommy Ku, Houston, TX
I first met Andrew when I worked for Archstone Communities and we had an upscale event with the Chamber of Commerce at the Amalfi at Hermann Park. The music Andrew provided was perfect and I was so impressed by his demeanor, service and product that my wife and I hired Andrew to play our wedding on May 8, 2010. We have driven to Clear Lake many times (about an hour drive) just to hear Andrew play. More recently Andrew has been playing at the Tasting Room and my wife and I visit him there as well. If you're looking for a flamenco guitarist, Andrew is the man and there is no need to look further. I will continue to refer and use Andrew as much as possible because he truly cares about the performance he provides and he has a genuine quality about him.

Tim Hawkins, Pearland, TX
Andrew’s talent and dedication as a musician/ artist go far beyond the capabilities of his contemporaries. He makes music flow like water with ease and purpose that’s difficult to put into words. I’ve never seen anyone master an instrument quite the way Andrew does. I would hire him to perform at any event where quality and perfection is the ultimate goal.

Maite Uribe- Echevarria Marketing
Director: Suzanne Bruce & Associates, PA.

Andrew recently contributed the music component to our charity/ marketing event in our office. He was a total hit with the customers and employees! Generally, when you have customer events where people are networking, the first 30 minutes tend to be awkward as everyone tries to find their ways around the event and more people show up. Instead, Andrew’s music created an insta-environment of fun and mingling. He played exactly what we wanted, a nice mix of bossa nova and jazz though it was not his regular set! He is clearly VERY talented, understands his customer’s needs and is a great compliment to any event. Can’t recommend him enough.

Andy Eng, SCENE Magazine
May I suggest some Andrew Bateman when you can on the Scene. it’s been nearly a year since we’ve crossed paths with this one man show, perhaps a bit too long. These days Andrew packs along three different axes and ably mixes each into a single song. We caught up with Andrew at the Cock & Bull where tables of food, served piping hot, were simply sitting and getting cold as patrons would stop what they were doing and watch the Minister of Music play. But then that happens all the time.

Doug Meisinger, Clear Lake Today
We held the first in a series of concerts last summer. After looking and listening to many artists we were fortunate enough to come across Andrew. He was perfect. Andrew has an amazing knack for reading the room and knowing exactly what style of music to play. We can’t wait to have him back!

Archstone Brands
Andrew Bateman is as talented as he is cordial. He provided the ideal ambiance to our soirée and went above and beyond to accommodate some last minute requests on our part. Look Andrew up for unparalleled professionalism and an art of undisputed quality. Desiree Mercado

SCENE Magazine
Admit it folks... The first time you heard Andrew on the SCENE, you stopped what you were doing, held still and took in his “nuevo flamenco fusion” style and thought “Wow...” Well folks, both of his studio albums capture the same live-show, spine tingling, wow, making these both a rare must have for your collection. How rare? Vallejo’s “Thicker than Water” is the only other album we’ve heard this year that also has this quality. Unlike his live shows, Andrew blends additional instruments to the mix all played by himself plus Amanda Bateman on piano! “Carol of the Bells” technically aces the acid test and his originals touch a vast range of cultures with a purity bringing you there. Pick up a couple of each next time you catch Andrew on the SCENE! 

Christopher Palmer

​The new albums by Andrew Bateman are as masterful as they are immersive. They are a must have and will not disappoint!

Bay Area Houston Magazine 
When asked to describe his musical style, Andrew Bateman laughingly confesses that he isn’t really sure.  Some have settled on Flamenco Fusion, a blend of classical Spanish guitar with modern modalities applied to the old and new.  However, it is so much more than that because Andrew builds a new arrangement of each piece very night as proven at a recent appearance at Opus Steakhouse.Andrew records the first few bars he plays, and then he records another layer while the original bars provide the undertones.  He adds and adds to this, recording and playing, until multiple instruments are invisibly harmonizing together to create this unique and complex sound.  Andrew adds percussion by beating on the guitar, while he pulls each new melody or ornament or orchestration into place.  He uses his bass on a stand next to him for the depth.  The result is enticing, mesmerizing listeners as they absorb all the complexity designed and performed by one man, one amazingly talented musician. Need proof?   Look around at the audience as diners let their meals grow cold, captured by Bateman’s musical creations. Andrew’s interest in the guitar started early in life when he found his mother’s old Silver Tone Guitar from Sears that had vacuum tubes in the amplifier.  His first goal wasn’t to master the complicated rest and free stokes of the Spanish guitar, but to learn to play tunes from the heavy metal band, Metallica.  Studying guitar in junior high led him to gigs in high school and becoming a music major in college.  Eventually, his life took a turn away from heavy metal and he mastered this new way of performing:  mixing live electronic recordings of classics, all types, with his live guitar, producing a new sound, a new genre, and a new masterpiece.  From John Fogerty to the Rolling Stones or Pachelbel’s Canon, each familiar song is adapted and arranged on the spot into soaring, soothing, and unique anthems.Andrew boldly emphasizes that this ability he has is a gift from God.  He is very devout in his faith and enjoys participating in church praise bands and other religious worship.  Andrew defines a crowning moment in his faith when he was leading 35,000 people in Africa singing “Amazing Grace” all in their own native languages.  He is passionate about using his music as a ministry to others, including playing at nursing homes or spiritual retreats. Andrew describes the last few months as a season of wilderness for him.  As with many full-time musicians’ experiences, the opportunities to play dried up as restaurants and bars shut down due to COVID-19, preventing them from performing.  He cleverly teamed up with local singer, Kelly Williams, and they livestreamed on Facebook to eager fans who were missing being out and enjoying music.  Andrew is finding some new gigs, but the pay is often less and the bookings farther in between.  However, Andrew is a man of vision and will reclaim the excitement of the not-so-long ago Downtown Houston appearances punctuated with guest shots on KHOU’s Morning Show.  In the meantime, follow Andrew on Facebook to see his upcoming events in neighborhood locales, weddings, guitar lessons, and private parties.  His free-flowing and dynamic improvisations will dazzle and impress you.   Avoid the rush and book Bateman for your upcoming holiday gathering, where intelligent conversation is being served.  Your guests will call you genius.

Nadia Palermo 

Andrew provided the perfect music for our holiday mixer. His mix of well holiday tunes and other well known songs was a hit that our team is still talking about. Hire him!