TRINITY studios 
Handcrafted Recording by Andrew Bateman

Handcrafted. Universal. Music.


Trinity studios offers the versatility of professional recording, mixing and mastering services in all genres and is well suited to any discerning artist or ensemble. 

About the founder…
Andrew Bateman has been active in the live music and production profession for just over a decade. He currently performs throughout the greater Houston area several nights weekly in addition to offering music instruction and recording services. Over the years Andrew has performed with a number of ensembles and many genres not limited to flamenco, classical, praise & worship, country, bluegrass, celtic and progressive rock. Presently Andrew performs as a solo act utilizing a process known as looping wherein each song is built in real time, instrument by instrument with no pre-recorded backing material. 

No band? No problem…
If you're a solo artist looking to cut a demo or an album with the backing of a band, Trinity studios has you covered. I addition to sound engineering, Andrew is proficient in a plethora of instruments including many forms of rhythm and lead guitar, bass and percussion sure to compliment your final cut!

Studio Services:

*Professional recording with the industry standard; Pro Tools 11

*Versatile studio musician for backing and harmony
*Mixing and mastering packages
*Veteran discount
  *Mobile studio